Sound Therapy & O Point Energy

Sound Therapy is the use of resonating objects that use specific tones, HZ frequencies and vibration that match each natural vibrational tone in our body to directly balance and clear blockages that stimulate healing. The body is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies in our chakras, meridians and Nadis. Vibrational medicine is based on the belief that illness is a result of the bodies original harmonies being out of balance. The principle behind this is that the cellular absorption of healing sounds will wake up the cells and reharmonize them, deeply touching every part of our body, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Reiki Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki, (Rei-Ki) is the combination of two Japanese words. Rei-(Universal Wisdom or God Energy) and Ki-(life force energy). Reiki energy heals by flowing through the bodies bio magnetic field, chakras, meridians and nadis charging them with positive energy flow to activate the natural healing process and restore physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
Shamanism Shamanism is an ancient spiritual healing tradition that was practiced in indigenous cultures. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation. Shamanic practices tap into the power of Mother Earth with intention to heal individuals and the entire community including people, plants, animals and all life forms. The goal is to create harmony and balance with all creation internally and externally.

O Point Energy This is the combination of Sound Therapy, Reiki and Shamanic traditions. With the use of various resonating objects such as Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, sacred instruments, herbs, essential oils, crystals, deep breathing, meditation, music and relaxing touch for a full body Chakra balancing and aura clearing that will stimulate immediate results and promote healing. This session is the ultimate indulgent luxury that will leave you rejuvenated and relaxed improving many facets of life.

Cynthia A. Browning

Reiki Master, Shaman

Sound Healer

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Cynthia is a multi-dimensional holistic intuitive. She is a Certified Holy Fire 11 Reiki Ryoho Master/Teacher and Licensed Sound Therapist from Life and Reiki and Reiki of Venice. She studied under Sandra Ingerman and is a practicing Shaman.

During the 80’s Fitness Craze she was a personal Trainer, Fitness and Aerobic Director/Instructor for the World Gym in Houston. Cynthia feels those days were all about the outside and feeling strong and looking good and today the movement is growing with intention to search within and heal all areas of life. Her intention is to help the world heal using natural and holistic remedies as nature intended.

Cynthia lived in India and Malaysia for 14 years where she was introduced to many cultural methods of healing that inspired her thirst for knowledge. Cynthia suffered a cervical herniation in 2005 and was uncomfortable with all the medication and was introduced to many natural remedies that inspired her to begin her studies. Recently relocated from California where she continued her studies she feels so blessed to be part of the Creative Wellness team.

To make an appointment:

Cell: 716-698-5346

First Session - 1 1⁄2 hour - $125

1 hour sessions - $75

Accepts: Cash, Check, All Major Credit Cards, Most FSA/HSA/Benefit Credit or Debit Cards