GYROTONIC® Exercise with Kerri Affronti

What is GYROTONIC® exercise?

Since most injuries occur in the joints, you might wonder why exercise systems often only concentrate on two sides of the joint.

With GYROTONIC® movement you will focus on every aspect of the joints making them flexible, resilient, moist and capable of easily supporting and responding to whatever activity or impact life offers. Since joint stiffness is one of the determining factors of aging, this becomes just one of the many ways this system helps to arrest the aging process.

Most exercise systems move in a linear way that essentially compresses energy back into the body causing congestion and stagnation. Linear movement must eventually give out, whereas circular movement can be recycled endlessly, creating a more consistent and fluid flow of energy that aids in nurturing and strengthening all the systems of the body.

What some of Kerri’s clients are saying:

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“In  working  with her,  my knee got  better, and my  life changed, so  instead of being ready  to make a change, I made a  stand for my life.” - Greg  Ballard, Business  Analyst for Sprint  Nextel

“If  you want  to go to another  level & find out what  your body can do to Heal  Itself, Kerriʼs your person.” - Richard Fritz, Director  of Corporate Communications,  Federal Home loan Bank of America

“After  one session  with Kerri, the  pain had subsided  80%, which is the first  positive result I have had  since the injury occurred. After  the second session, it was gone completely, and  has been gone ever since. Amazing!” - Brad Carter, owner  Greystone Valuation  Services

“I  had a  frozen shoulder  when I went to  see her, Kerri helped  me make a full recovery  from my car accident, which I  honestly didnʼt think was possible.  Thanks to her I have my life back since  our sixth week of working together.” - Shae  Thompson,  Licensed Massage Therapist

Kerri Affronti

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Kerri’s favorite sayings is, "Life presents you with experiences of trauma, of tension, of challenge. It’s these experiences that are your Golden Ticket. This is your special way of retraining and relearning ways to move through these challenges and transform these pains into pure pleasure!”

Kerri Affronti is known for being an expert in Healthcare. She has invested over $100,000 in her education and more than 12 years studying body psychology, how and why problems originate in the body, and effective solutions to overcome these problems. She has developed diet and exercise programs that have helped thousands of men and women to dramatically improve their health.

An award-winning dancer, Kerri has been interviewed in connection with her work with American Idol celebrity Diana DeGarmo, personal training work with celebrities and her expertise in movement analysis by eWomen Radio and Entertainment Tonight. Through her dynamic one on one sessions, group classes, and newsletters Kerri Affronti educates and leads with a positive, encouraging and illuminating warmth. 

Miss Affronti has achieved Advanced Certificate Training in numerous, diverse healing modalities including: Craniosacral Therapy, Orthopedic & Sports Massage, Classical Pilates, Feldenkrais Movement Education, and the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® EXPANSION SYSTEM.

For more information on GYROTONIC® exercise, Kerri's background, or the services she offers please contact her or visit her personal website at

To make an appointment: 

Cell: 404-797-0325


Rehabilitation Fitness Training 90 minutes:  $100

In Studio Personal GYROTONIC® Session 50 minutes:  $75

Package of 5 Personal GYROTONIC® Sessions:  $350

Youth Personal GYROTONIC® Session 50 minutes:  $60

Nutritional Consultation 60 minutes:  $90