Across cultures, plant-based medicine is part of our human heritage. Herbs remain a central part of conventional science-based medicine throughout Europe, Asia, and India. In the US, many are reconnecting with our own herbal tradition, including the knowledge of native people who have used America's plants for centuries.

Whole herbs offer benefits similar to whole foods. Just as a healthy diet requires more than vitamin pills, plant remedies offer minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and helpful constituent combinations beyond the “active chemicals.” When we choose medicinal plants found in our own region, we receive the added benefit of connecting with our own ecosystem.

In the holistic herbalism approach, wellness involves every part of one's lifestyle, including diet, exercise, stress, quality relationships, etc. Wellness solutions are sought in these areas before looking to herbs for additional support. 

Holistic herbal medicine goes deeper than pairing an herb to an ailment. A trained herbalist will first help identify lifestyle changes to assist the body in healing itself. If an herb would be helpful in this process, an herbalist can help to choose the right herb for one's body constitution. 

Sarah Sorci

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Community Herbalist Sarah Sorci is a 2014 graduate of the Holistic Herbalism program at the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine. She is currently enrolled in a three-year Clinical Practitioner program through the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine. Sarah is the owner of Sweet Flag Herbs, offering educational workshops, wellness consultations, and garden/property consultations. She has offered classes about local remedies through the Hamburg, Orchard Park, and Lake Shore community education programs, and is an associate educator for the Herbal Academy. Sarah is executive board president at Greystone Nature Preserve in Fredonia, NY, where she coordinates a native medicinal plant trail and related educational events.

Sarah's background in natural and organic farming, horticultural therapy, and cooking & nutrition education shape her work with Sweet Flag Herbs. She is passionate about knowing the ecosystem in her home region, and loves to share this learning pursuit with others.

Initial Consultations: $120

  • 1-2 hour initial visit
  • Detailed follow-up email from Sarah with information and research about suggested herbs or lifestyle changes
  • Email or phone time with Sarah as needed to answer any questio

Follow-up Consultations: $68

  • 30-45 minute wellness visit to discuss health updates, and identify appropriate progression or changes in wellness protocol
  • Detailed follow up email about new recommendations, as needed
  • Email or phone time with Sarah to answer any question

6-pack: $300*   

  • Six 30-45 minute follow up visits to discuss health updates, and identify appropriate progression  or changes in wellness protocol
  • Detailed follow up emails about new recommendations, as needed
  • Email or phone time with Sarah to answer any questions

*Save $108 when you commit to 6 consultations. To be used within 2 years. Past consult payments can be applied to this package.

For more information and/or to schedule and appointment, please contact Sarah directly:




Sarah is not a medical doctor. Though she can share information and educate about herbs and our bodies, she cannot legally diagnose, prescribe, or "treat" diseases.