Yoga Omega Unlimited

Creative Wellness is so grateful for all of our loyal clients and students. As a sign of our appreciation and as another way to help you manage your health we are proud to introduce our new program that is all about…


Yoga Omega Unlimited

Yoga that is practiced on a more consistent basis increases flexibility and strength, and improves posture, balance and sleep.  It manages our stress levels, improving focus and concentration along with improving memory and creativity.  It connects us to our self, increasing self-confidence and bringing awareness to our purpose of life and our breath!

Y.O.U. is the most cost effective way for you to manage your health.  Your monthly membership includes:

  • Unlimited Yoga

  • 10% off one workshop or therapy every month*

  • 10% off one bottle of Essential Oil (your choice) every month*

  • 10% off one item in the retail store every month*

  • 2 free classes per year for a relative/friend*

Your Y.O.U. membership is only $ 90.00/month! How does it work? Enroll in Y.O.U. with a 3 month minimum commitment.  After the initial three months you may continue to enjoy your membership on a month to month basis or cancel at anytime.  You can place your membership on hold (2 times/year) for any reason by submitting an email or written request. 

Unlimited yoga, combined with these special offers for essential oils, therapies, and workshops is an incredible value. The more classes you take, the greater the value!

  • If you attend 2 classes/week, your cost is $ 11.25 per class

  • If you attend 3 classes/week, your cost Is $ 7.50 per class

  • If you attend 4 classes/week, your cost is $ 5.62 per class

  • If you attend 5 classes/week, your cost is $ 4.50 per class

You may redeem your 10% discount on workshops and therapies with any of the following practitioners and providers:

*The additional discounts offered on therapies, wokshops, essential oils, and retail items are optional but do not accumulate and may not be carried over month to month. Discounts not used in a given month are forfeited and offer no refund value.