Intro to Stress Management - 3 Week Series

Join us for an immersion in the core concepts of yoga philosophy that informs and assists the practitioner in developing the physical, energetic, and conscious principles of a yoga practice. These concepts help us manage our stress reactions through informed choice with the tools of self-reflection, breath, and relaxation.

You will practice some methods that guides the mind to the source of equanimity and balance. These techniques will show you how meditation serves a practitioner in increasing self -awareness and control. You will receive guidance in how to use this knowledge in daily life through reading, contemplation, and written work. Through working knowledge you can gain an appreciation for the body and mind as a vehicle for your highest goals in this life.

This series can also be combined with our Intro to Yoga 6 week series to create a 9 week Intro to Yoga and Stress Management series for those seeking a way to calm the body and the mind in harmony.

Please visit our Stress Reduction Workshop page to find the next series start date and for registration details.

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