Thermal imaging has been an available medical test for more than 50 years now. Thermography is totally safe. It does not expose a patient to any form of radiation. It’s a non-invasive, painless test with absolutely no adverse effects and no contra-indications. It can be used at any age and provides a diagnostic tool far superior to others in early the stages of some diseases.

It is always important to stay proactive and well informed in your own health care. In addition to your regular medical breast examinations, consider regular breast screening with Thermography. The results could change your life. Thermography is one of the best early warning systems available today.


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  • Breast 60 Minute $265

  • Dental, Cranial, and Thyroid 60 Minute $210

  • Upper Body 60 Minute $290

  • Lower Body 60 Minute $290

  • Full Body 120 Minute $700

**Packages are available with discounts!