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The EssentialYoga Program: RENEW-Receive to Replenish

  • Creative Wellness Group (map)

Pre-Registration REQUIRED.

COST: $30

The EssentialYoga Program-MAY: RENEW: Receive to Replenish

Join The EssentialYoga Program Ambassador Anna Sassanelli and EssentialYoga Academy Trainer/Instructor Allison Photiadis to make yourself comfortable in an intimate setting while the waves of healing tones and soothing scents wash over you. 
The EssentialYoga Program is a completely unique, therapeutic experience designed for ALL LEVELS! It is a monthly-themed class designed with specifically chosen yoga sequences and incorporates specifically chosen essential oils that enhance the physical and emotional aspects of the class to accelerate and enhance balancing of body, mind and spirit!

May's Workshop: RENEW-Receive to Replenish
Our May essential oils encourage the release of toxins in the body and mind. Basil helps to keep an open mind while Rosemary helps dispel negativity.  A restorative yin sequence focused on opening the hips stimulates the kidney and liver meridians to clear energetic and physical blockages. Students have the opportunity to experience the power of aromatherapy as a way to stay with intention breath and focus, to facilitate releasing and softening into their practice. Myrhh and Zendocrine Blend combined with these hip-opening poses encourage the body to "replenish" itself. 

Pre-Registration is REQUIRED


DATE: Friday, May 10, 2019

TIME: 6-8pm

COST: $30

INSTRUCTORS: Anna Sassanelli & Allison Photiasdis