Introduction to Yoga - 6 Week Series

Led by Susan Garguiolo, this 6 week workshop is designed to educate every student whether you have never never taken a yoga class or you are simply looking to reeducate yourself and refine your current practice. The basis of the program is to teach the student how to do a variety of yoga postures (asana) and how each posture can work for you personally. We will work with breath work (pranayama) techniques, deep relaxation/meditation (dyana) techniques for creating calmness/peacefulness. Learning these techniques will help in lowering physical stress, emotional, and mental stress levels. There will be a strong focus on developing strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and overall health and wellness in a non-harming (ahimsa) way will.

We will use bolsters, blocks and straps as needed for each individual person and will learn how to use those props correctly to assist in postures. There will also be a brief presentation on the etiquette, philosophy, history and science of yoga. BC/BS Wellness benefit and IHA Flex fit card accepted for this workshop.

This series can also be combined with our Intro to Stress Management 3 week series to create a 9 week Intro to Yoga and Stress Management series for those seeking a way to calm the body and the mind in harmony.

Please visit our Yoga Workshops page to find the next series start date and for registration details.