Yoga Therapy with Sarah Guglielmi

A yoga therapy program is a stylized yoga practice to meet your specific needs which might include managing aliments, recovering from injury, preparing for surgery, or managing stress.

A yoga therapy session can help you understand the anatomical relationships within the body and the minds’ active role in stress management.

In the initial assessment session you and Sarah will work together to discover what postures will be most beneficial to you in the immediate scenario. A program will be designed for you to take home and practice. Through continual work together the program will evolve to take on a shape that assists you can as your circumstances shift. 

Ultimately you will be given an opportunity to experience the health and vitality that exists at your core and utilize that health for continued balance, ease, and joy.

Sarah Guglielmi

Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor

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One on One Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic Consultations

Sarah Guglielmi is a professional educator and wellness coach, in the fields of yoga and ayurveda.  A former engineer, she was drawn to yoga 15 years ago looking for relief from chronic stress and illness. Sarah not only regained her health, but discovered a deeper dimension to life she finds rich and inspiring. Her overarching intention is to make the healing power of yoga and ayurveda accessible to her students.  

In addition to her private Wellness Coaching practice,  Sarah serves on the faculty of the Himalayan Institute.  For the past 10 years she has taught workshops on yoga practice, yoga philosophy, and ayurvedic lifestyle.  She travels nationally as a teacher trainer for the Himalayan Institute's Yoga and Ayurveda Professional Certification programs. Sarah currently resides in Buffalo, NY, where she serves on the faculty of the Himalayan Institute of Buffalo and Daemen College.

To make an appointment: 

Cell: (716) 954-7737


Private Consultation Time and Service Charge

1 hour Initial Consultation $75

1 hour follow up and practice sessions $65

Package Programs available on request

Financial assistance is allowed through an application